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the Solopreneur’s Guide to Goal Crushing!

A personalized step-by-step course to help you pinpoint the exact goals you need to focus on in order to succeed.

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It’s Time To Finally Set and CRUSH Those Goals!

As a coach and former solopreneur myself, I know how hard it can be to get every required task done, let alone maintain that balance. You wear so many freakin’ hats that it’s hard to keep your head on straight sometimes.

Even if you know how important setting goals is for yourself and for your business, it’s usually the last thing on the list because you just don’t have the time. Or maybe you set them and then they get lost in the shuffle with the other million things you have to do on a day-to-day basis.

The irony here is that you lack focus because you are focusing on too many things at once.

Well my friend, you’re in luck today. I am here to give you a step by step, easy plan to set and CRUSH the goals that are most important to you in your life so you can get that focus back, stop pulling your hair out and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.
Once you’re done with the course you will have a crystal clear picture of what goals you really want to set in your life and you will know exactly how to set them, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

You will have a step-by-step, bite-sized action plan that will give you so much clarity that you’ll feel a million times lighter.

No more letting your brain/business/life spin out of control.

No more wasting time on things that you don’t need to be doing.

I have developed this course to be simple and to the point. The methods, techniques, and strategies in this course are practical, proven and fast acting.

Studies have shown that the reason why most people, especially entrepreneurs, don’t make it to the end of a lot of courses is that they are too long and way too time-consuming.

I mean, we have a gazillion things to do, am I right? So having that in mind I have taken all of what I have learned over the years and what I have found to work best for myself and my clients and compiled it up into a compressed, easy to follow program.

AND it’s in real time!

More often than not, after reading a personal development book, we put it down and think to ourselves “Well that was nice!”

However, we then put it back on the shelf and don’t actually DO anything that it tells you to DO??!!

That is why this is in real time.  So you will be doing the techniques and exercises with me during the module so you don’t have to go back and do it later…which we all know never happens. We are all in this together!

Straight to the point, effective, action-oriented, in real time.  Boom!

Here’s What To Expect With The Course

This course has everything you need to accomplish all of your goals insanely quick! I mean, you’ll be shocked and in awe of your abilities. It’s already within  you, it’s all about a solid game plan that works.

7 Result Producing, Step-By-Step Modules

  • I take you through an exercise to get you SUPER clear on what you want in ALL areas of your life.
  • I will teach you how to choose the right goal(s) for yourself right now.
  • We create a powerful tool you will use every day to make your goal a reality
  • I’ll teach you two invaluable techniques that will not only change the way you set your goals but also how you live your life.
  • I’ll teach you my favorite technique of ALL TIME and we get really clear on WHY you want to accomplish the goal. If you don’t have a strong enough why, you’ll never get there.
  • I’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to come up with an extremely detailed action plan so you. know exactly what needs to get done at any given time.
  • I’ll teach you some powerful exercises to help you get rid of your limiting beliefs once and FOR ALL!
  • I’ll teach you how to come up with new, empowering beliefs that will support you and your goals.
  • You will learn how you personally procrastinate
  • I’ll then teach you two powerful techniques that will stop procrastination for good!
  • You will learn why accountability is so important and how to add it into your life in various ways.
  • I’ll take you through a powerful visualization that will help you accomplish anything!
BONUS #1: Time Management
  • 10 Time Management Techniques. Use them to get a crazy amount stuff done is a shorter amount of time. These will help you work smarter, not harder.
BONUS #2: Increase Your Happiness Level
  • Proven to increase your happiness level in under 10 minutes!

“Working with Tamera has given me focus and momentum to identify and pursue my goals and passions. She has provided me with thoughtful insights and great tools to better understand myself and what I want out of life. Working with Tamera has been very rewarding and I look forward to each session and the meaningful gains that are made. I would highly recommend working with Tamera if you want to get more out of life.”

— Nicole Sherman - Toronto, Canada

“Tamera has given me the tools and insight I needed to accelerate my business to the next level. Her enthusiasm and support have been invaluable to me both personally and professionally.”

— Angela Decqlerc - Sylvan Lake, Canada

“Working with Tamera has helped reawaken a sense of self. Spending time doing exercises that focused on my goals and self-image was exactly what I needed to get my life on track. After only a few sessions I felt a huge difference in myself. I would not hesitate to reach out to her again if faced with a crossroad in life. I can't thank you enough!”

— Sherri Laine - Banff, Canada

“Working with Tamera changed my life. I consider myself a go-getter, organized and successful person and it was amazing how just after a couple of sessions with Tamera, I was able to increase my productivity even more. As a self-employed individual, having someone in your corner is so incredibly beneficial to help you get started on new projects that have sat on the back burner because you are drowning in administrative work. Tamera not only helps you get your life organized so you can accomplish your goals and dreams, but she is ACTUALLY excited about them WITH you! I think that's one of my favourite things about working with her. She is genuine, supportive and always energetic - even when you're not! If I didn't start working with Tamera I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have and grow my business into what it is today!”

— Amrit Singh - Toronto, Canada




  • All 7 modules, all on video, packed with the information, tools, and techniques you need to crush your goals.
  • Bonus one-on-one coaching session with me
  • Bonus guided HAPPINESS guided visualization that is proven to increase your happiness in under 10 minutes.

No Thanks, Just The Goal Crusher Video Series For Now

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